353 – Colt Cabana

Posted 4 years ago on November 12th, 2020.

Our first wrestler! A man with a firm foot in both the ring and the comedy circuit; Colt Cabana has been a pro for over 20 years, in WWE and now AEW, as well as a committed comedy collaborator with people like Brendon Burns and John Hastings.  We talk about the myriad parallels between our worlds; about mentorship and growth; whether “kayfabe” is still a thing; learning how to play character instinctively; and meeting his comic match in Japanese wrestler Toru Yano.

15 minutes of extra content available exclusively to members of the Insiders Club include Colt discussing evolution over a long career, crowd work with a baby, seeking inspiration in everything, and the “fakeness” or otherwise of UFC…

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Catch up with Colt:
Find Colt on Twitch: www.twitch.tv/ColtCabana
Tw/IG: @ColtCabana
The documentaries & children’s book is at COLTMERCH.com
and find ”Art of Wrestling” podcast wherever the hell you get your podcasts!

Everything Stu's up to:
The Infinite Sofa chat show is now available as a solution to remote-working office parties over the festive period! Go to www.virtualofficeparty.co.uk for more info on how this unique concept can bring your staff together while working apart!

Stu also offers remote talks to business on what the distilled wisdom of over 350 comics can teach you about resilience, especially in times of pandemic!
< “The most inspiring talk I’ve had in years!” (LEGO staff member) Find out more at www.comedyinsights.com This podcast is @ComComPod on twitter and instagram www.comedianscomedian.com

Stu also co-hosts the “Child Labour" parenting podcast with Sindhu Vee www.childlabourpod.com (And the last episode of season 1, with Sara Barron, is a BELTER!)


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