Download the director’s cut of my special!

Click on this link for the full 82min ‘Director’s Cut’ of my show ‘Like I Mean It’.

If by “Director” you mean me, and by “Cut” you mean dicking around for an additional half an hour’s worth of warmup, bloopers, cock-ups and improvising around the sound going wrong for ten mins in the middle. I also tell the famous bee joke, and try to get off with

It’s not just a special edition that puts you right in the room for the whole warts and all show, it’s a way to financially support the work I do and allow me to give away the shorter version on YouTube for free.

That way I can try and up the ole’ profile and hopefully one day leverage some sort of Netflix special or whatever they have by the time I get one; maybe a hologram of me that tuts at you every time you try to make your home voice assistant talk sexy at you.

It costs a pittance, and I see more of that money than when you come to see me live, which begs the question why not just do these for the rest of my life? Well if this one works I will, and Leigh Delamere motorway services can suck a dick.

Here’s the link!

NB If you’re using the Vimeo app, it will only show you the trailer, and the main video won’t even appear!  Haha, those crazy kids at Vimeo – why would anyone want to purchase a video in an app?!


Instead you’ll need to cut and paste this link into your browser to purchase:


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