Everyone’s A Comedian

Hi all – this is my crowdsourced comedy experiment!

I’m producing a TV run through (not for broadcast), entirely from the submitted original stories, jokes and ideas from my podcast listeners.

No submissions accepted from professional or newbie comics, this is all about giving voice to people who never expect to set foot on a stage but have ideas bubbling away in their heads!


    I hereby confirm that I am not a professional or newbie comedian. The content of my submission is entirely my own work, ideas or true stories about things that happened to me personally. I acknowledge that Stuart Goldsmith/FremantleMedia Limited will not steal my ideas and pass them off as their own, but nor am I about to start claiming that anything they might produce in years to come was my idea. I enter this material in the spirit of developing this idea further. Stu/FremantleMedia will contact me if the material was ever to be considered for broadcast in the future.

    Remember, you must accept the terms above to submit your idea, so tick this box too.


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