427 – Ignacio Lopez

Posted 1 year ago on May 12th, 2023.

Ignacio Lopez is an ascendant comic currently selling out his national tour due to a combination of talent, strategy, and sheer determination.

We talk about his enjoyment of playing high status and the pitfalls associated with that, about him flying alone as a child between families and countries, and how he used comedy as a social cheat-code. We also explore comedy as a separate language, and the different dialects and fluency that we all employ…

20mins of extra content available exclusively to the Insiders Club include Ignacio on neurodiversity, and the hyper-focus that means he can’t put down a book before finishing it, as well as how he parlayed his viral Rhianna parody song into the core of a social media strategy.

Catch up with Ignacio:

On tour later in 2023 with his new show “Nine Ig Fails”, tickets via www.comedylopez.com

TW/IG/TIK: @comedylopez

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The Comedian's Comedian - 427 – Ignacio Lopez

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