425 – Steve Agee (Live @SXSW)

Posted 1 year ago on April 21st, 2023.

Hilarious comic Steve Agee is known to many as John Economos in “The Suicide Squad”, and Steve from The Sarah Silverman Programme, as well as being the bearer of the most satisfying narrative arc in the insanely funny “Peacemaker” (HBO Max). He talks with us live at South By Southwest about being part of the James Gunn Cinematic Universe, and the panic attacks that ruled his life and meant he had to warn employers in advance about his propensity for walking away and never coming back.

We also talk about being sent to military academy as a child, his compulsive emetophobia, and how Gunn’s loyalty saved him after a savage pandemic experience in which he lost his mother.

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Catch up with Steve:

TW: @steveagee

Seriously, don’t miss Steve in Peacemaker (HBO Max)

Steve’s brilliant photography is on Instagram @steveagee


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The Comedian's Comedian - 425 – Steve Agee (Live @SXSW)

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