403 – Bobby Mair

Posted 2 years ago on May 27th, 2022.

With his dishevelled appearance and wild energy, you might not be surprised to learn that the wonderfully funny Bobby Mair has had “more therapists than girlfriends”. We talk about his Canadian comedy work ethic, the trick of making the audience your friend, and find out why bad gigs in the UK are still good.

We delve into his origins, starting comedy coincidentally during a traumatic and grief-stricken phase in his life; find out what a relief it was after 16 years to write an observational joke that didn’t derive from trauma; and discover why comedy didn’t save Bobby’s life.

20 mins of extra content available exclusively to members of the Insiders Club includes Bobby on the “Killer Camp” reality show he hosted; some exploration of his mental robustness; and how he went viral as the worst comic in the world…

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Catch up with Bobby:

Bobby and Red Richardson’s podcast is “The Year Is”, discover it at linktre.ee/theyearispod

Bobby’s“Cockroach” tour continues in Southend, Cardiff, Norwich and concludes in London - get tickets at www.bobbymair.net

IG: @bobbymaircomedian
TW: @bobbymair

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And he goes by that name on noted spyware site Tiktok, should you dare…


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