Edinburgh 2016

In August this year I take my brand new stand-up show “Compared To What?” to the Edinburgh Fringe.

It’s on at 3.45pm daily from 6th-28th August (not 15th) in the Liquid Room Annexe on Cowgate.

It’s a free show, under the auspices of Peter Buckley Hill’s FREE FRINGE, which means that tickets aren’t on sale, nor will they be!  You just arrive at the venue 10 mins beforehand (or more if you’ve heard people banging on about it, to the extent you think it might be regularly filling up) and come in for FREE!

Bring money though, eh?  You might decide at the end to contribute to the show financially if you really enjoyed it, or if you fall under the spell of my Casanova-level seduction routine.*

Hundreds of other free shows are also available, and you should support them too.  It’s incredible that within the span of my career the system which chewed up, indebted and spat out so many comedians now appears to be running scared from a financial model more akin to a busker.  Is it sustainable?  Can the bigger venues undermine it enough to destroy it?  Should they even want to?  No-one knows.  But in 2010 it cost me £7000 to bring my show to Edinburgh, even though it completely sold out…

See you at the Liquid Room Annexe at 3.45pm this August!


* I used to be a-  Never mind.



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